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Base Jumping

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Base jumping is one of the extreme rooftop sports, the name B.A.S.E is actually an acronym that stands for building, antennae, span and earth. As the names suggests, this kind of sport involves participants jumping from any of the four said platforms by use of parachutes or wing-suits. Considering that the altitude of these objects is extremely low as compared to leaping from an aircraft, the parachutes are designed for rapid deployment. Owing to its nature, it is considered one of the most dangerous sports and in fact in some locations it is prohibited. Those dare devils that perform this extreme sport usually does it as a stunt as it requires a lot of courage to do it.

There has been a growing popularity in Base jumping since the early 1980s; this was performed using the ordinary skydiving equipment such as parachutes. Skydivers over time noticed that they can use their modern skydiving equipment to leap of raised surfaces such as cliffs, buildings, structures such as bridges et cetera. This sport is most popular with thrill-seekers who have guts to venture into an adrenaline rush act such as this. After completing a jump from any of the four categories, a jumper was offered an opportunity to apply for a BASE number. Probably this would have motivated some of these extreme sport thrillers to take queue and take part in in it.

Due to the dangers of the sport, there are not so many man-made structures for instance building such as sky scrapers that are open for the sport lovers. This could probably be due to lack of inadequate space for landing and the risks that would be paused on the pedestrians. The dangers of the skydiving equipment going off course due to sudden change in wind direction and of course no one wanting to take liability in case of an eventuality e.g. death.

This extreme sport is considered very dangerous because of the risks that are involved. In fact it has been ascertained that the combined fatalities and injuries associated with this sport, is much higher about 43% as compared to skydiving from a plane. The time required to recover from a malfunction of the parachute not deploying is extremely short and the outcome may be fatal. Imagine jumping from a cliff or an antennae and the chute malfunctions, you will barely have no time to rectify the anomaly. Therefore Base jumping is extremely risky that it is illegal in some places.

In spite of all the dangers associated with it, some people will always go ahead and do something riskier. People who love extreme sport will not be perturbed by these dangers, they love getting that adrenaline rush; they will always want to try something new and more dangerous. This therefore means the popularity of this extreme sport will continue to spread as people join in to have a thrill of the sport. It would be better if regulations governing this kind of extreme sports should be formulated and enacted to prevent fatal accidents.

Rooftop Parkour: A Death Defying Sport

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    Rooftop Parkour is a sport that has been catching everyone’s attention for a while now! Parkour is a sport that developed from military training. It is a complex activity in which the person attempts to get from point A to point B without any equipment to help him/her. The catch is that the journey from point to point is not easy. There is a complex environment that lies in between. Rooftop Parkour has imbibed a similar obstacle course… The only difference is that the obstacles are actual roof tops!

    Parkour came into popular existence in the late 80’s. It was a group of practitioners called Yamakshi that brought Parkour in the limelight in France. Parkour however has been in existence long before that. Parkour has been given many names both in French and in English. A few of them are… L’art du deplacement or the art of displacement and Free Running. Whatever the name, Rooftop Parkour soon gained popularity. In the decades that have gone by, it has been featured in movies and has never ceased to get the audiences attention. In the current decade, a number of videos have surfaced on YouTube. Young aspiring Rooftop Parkour stars have used their skills to create impressive videos and get a fan following. The internet has provided a perfect platform for that purpose!

    Rooftop Parkour is a sport that challenges both the mind and the body. The mind has to foresee the obstacles that the body has to overcome. The body must be physically capable of jumping, swinging and even balancing at heights that seem insanely dangerous. With all that in mind, you will not doubt the fact that Rooftop Parkour requires a great deal of discipline. Some aspects of Parkour have even been compared to a non combative martial art. The ultimate focus that a practitioner of Parkour has is movement. The more swift and efficient the movement is, the more capable the body is of mastering the art of Parkour. It is wise to remember that a great deal of emphasis is also placed on grace and form. It is said that a truly efficient body has grace, form and the precision required to tackle the rooftop obstacle course.

    The views of the general public regarding Rooftop Parkour vary. Some say that Rooftop Parkour is cool to watch. They admire the agility of the practitioners and pay homage to their courage. Others have very different views. Most of the law enforcement and the rescue teams feel that it is a sport that possess too much potential danger to the practitioners. After all, the practice that one requires to learn the sport is a lot and there is always the chance that the person may make a mistake. Some mistakes prove to be more fatal than others! A number of deaths have been reported around the world and the cause has been Parkour! Many of the practitioners of the sport argue that even though Rooftop Parkour has it’s risks, the sport is safe if your practice within your own limitations. In the end it’s up to the practitioners to weigh the pros and the cons and make a conscious decision about whether they want to master the art of Rooftop Parkour or not! One thing is for sure… It’s not meant for those who are scared of heights!